How we win

How are we going to achieve our vision?

First, we need to understand political power and how to build it at a local level. Watch this video to learn more about “how to work the political machine.”

Second, we need to understand the Franklin County Democratic Party apparatus. Here’s a brief overview:

Every four years, primary voters elect 152 people all across the county to serve as a “ward” representative on the Franklin County Democratic Party Central Committee.

The Central Committee makes decisions for the party. Their primary function is to determine which candidates are on the “sample ballot.”

A much smaller group makes initial decisions about which candidates run and which candidates receive support from the party machine. The Central Committee is intentionally kept a secret, so a small group of people can maintain power and control.

Finally, we need to work our asses off to recruit new leaders all across the county who share our values and goals.

The next Central Committee election is March 17, 2020. We need people all across the county to #RepYourBlock and run for Central Committee.

We can build a new coalition and change the direction of the party when we elect a majority of Central Committee members (a minimum of 80 seats) in March of 2020.

Do you want to #RepYourBlock and run for Central Committee? If so, take the pledge.