Building a Stronger Franklin County Democratic Party, One Block at a Time

For too long, a wealthy and powerful few have made decisions for our communities. We’re electing scores of impassioned neighborhood ambassadors to the Central Committee. Together, we can build a party that truly fights for dignity for all residents in Franklin County. Will you join us?

#RepYourBlock2020 is building community, listening to our neighbors, speaking up about what we hear, and developing guiding values and goals.

Franklin County is divided into 152 wards, each of which sends a representative to the Democratic Central Committee. Meet the #RepYourBlock2020 candidates running in 2020.

The 2020 primary in Ohio has moved to vote by mail through absentee ballots with a deadline of April 28. Find out how to get your ballot and vote.

Help us take back the Franklin County Democratic Party, one block at a time! Together, we can build a Franklin County Democratic Party that fights for people, not the interests of wealthy donors.