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Let's build a stronger Franklin County Democratic Party, one block at a time

For too long, a wealthy and powerful few have made decisions for our communities. We're electing scores of impassioned neighborhood ambassadors to the Central Committee. Together, we can build a party that truly fights for dignity for all residents in Franklin County.
Will you join us?

Our Vision

When we build a new majority within the Franklin County Democratic Party, we will:

  • democratize and re-energize the county party
  • cultivate leaders at all levels
  • redefine what it means to be a Central Committee member

Here's our vision for the future of the Franklin County Democratic Party:

  • The Party today
    Our vision for the Party
  • Exclusive good ol'boys club
    Inclusive and open
  • Closed and lacks transparency
    Radically transparent
  • Accountable to the wealthy few
    Accountable to the people
  • Limiting true progress
    Progress and policy changes that improve our communities
  • People are left out of decisions that impact their lives
    Building leaders across the county
  • Little to no community engagement
    Listening and connected to every neighborhood
  • The "old guard"—"Get in line and wait your turn"
    Everyone can be a leader and changemaker
  • Happy with the way things are
    Guided by values and a vision for change

Here's our vision for the role of Central Committee members:

  • The role today
    Our vision for the role
  • "Get in line. Wait your turn."
    Build community in our neighborhoods
  • Rub elbows and schmooze with the candidates
    Listen to our neighbors. Learn more about people's fears and hopes for the future.
  • Get Democrats elected
    Speak up about what we're hearing in our communities
  • Toe the party line
    Develop guiding values and goals for the party

Our Values

We are committed to concretely improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods. We feel underrepresented and undervalued by the current political leadership in Franklin County, and we have the courage to think big and challenge the status quo. We share a belief in:


We trust in people and our capacity to make decisions for our communities.


We work toward a fairer and more equitable economy and society.


When democratic participation is small and people are divided, the wealthy and powerful win. When we all come together, we can transform our communities.


We aim to help build a society that embraces new tools and processes for sharing and cooperation.


We help create more sustainable, vibrant and resilient communities.


We believe decision-making should be open, transparent, collaborative and focused on those who will be most impacted. We aim to rebuild trust in our neighborhoods and provide people with meaningful opportunities to provide feedback and input.

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