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Our Candidates

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Meryl Neiman
Carolyn Harding
Daria DeNoia
Shelby Koches
David Chapin
Ernest Whitted
Sarah Legeza
Cissy Watkins
Hannah Ware
Trevor Martin
Danielle Marie Howell
Rachel Wenning
Charles Irwin

Monique McCoy
Bryce Sampson
Marques Jones
Kevin O’Donnell
Marla Davis
Victoria Abou-Ghalioum
Joseph Echt
Abby Vaile
Heather Fitzgerald
Mark Allison
Carol Whitmer
Shelley Mann
Eddie Hamilton
Laurel Hobden

David Jennings
Evangeline Warren
Carrie Eickleberry
Robert Jones
Nic Joseph
Raemona Cannon
Veronica Luttery
Alexandra Stein
Lauren Barnett
Donald Dawson
Erick Bellomy
Kashi Adhikari
Adrienne Hood
Pat Deering

Anna Siriano
Micki B. Pike
Leo Simpson
Terra Goodnight
Angela Romines-Smith
Mary L. Hawkins
Constance Dunlap
Charles W. Lynd
Kerri Hoover
Lynn Friedman
Cathy Cowan Becker
Michelle Hendricks
Terry Stephens

Amber James
Christopher Feick
Shaniqua Stevens
Mary Mynatt
Alyssa Chenault
Tim Johnson
Anne Barrett
Katie Vatke
Heidi Detty
David Donofrio
Andrej Rotter
Ed Forman
Douglas Garrison
Lillian Harden
Maria Ramirez

Meryl Neiman, Bexley 1

Meryl is a Bexley resident and outspoken proponent of fair, transparent, and accountable government. Her vision of an open and responsive Democratic party starts at the local level. As your Central Committee representative, she will actively seek input from her Ward 1 neighbors about issues before the Committee, such as party endorsements, and advocate on their behalf. When Meryl isn’t working or canvassing to defeat Trump in 2020, you can find her walking her dogs in the neighborhood or curled up with a good book.

Carolyn Harding, Bexley 2

I’m Carolyn Harding and I’m running for Franklin County Democratic Party Central Committee. I will be a strong voice for Bexley Ward 2, the 500+ Bexley voters who care about public education, clean and safe water, and the health and well-being of all our citizens.

Bexley is leading in sustainability, public education, social justice and religious freedom. I am committed to bringing our neighborhood’s values to the Central Committee and will fight for equality, sustainability, dignity & justice for All.

Daria DeNoia, Bexley 3

Daria DeNoia is a 19-year resident of Bexley Ward 3 who believes strong communities create strong democracies. She wants to represent our neighborhood on the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee.

Political systems should represent the values and needs of the community. Daria will advocate for fair and transparent local governance and inclusive policies that strengthen economic and educational outcomes for all.

You can find Daria cycling the Alum Creek bike trail, spinning at the JCC, and giving back to Franklin County as a Harmony Project volunteer.

Shelby Koches, Bexley 4

Shelby Koches is a recent Capital graduate and a Bexley community member since 2016. She is running to be your Ward 4 Central Committee Representative because she wants to address community issues with honesty and transparency. Shelby works in finance at an organization that specializes in later-life care, and she is passionate about education and sustainability. In her free time you might find her walking her dogs or playing softball. Shelby would like to hear from you, so let her know what’s on your mind!

David Chapin, Blendon

My name is Dave Chapin, and I’m a father, husband, nurse, and Blendon Township resident since 2003. I’m running to represent our neighborhood on the Franklin County Central Committee, which provides direction for the local Democratic party and supports candidates for local and state offices. I am passionate about investing in our children and schools. I believe in a living wage, and will fight for social, economic, and environmental justice. I promise to serve our Ward with accountability and transparency. Contact me at

Ernest Whitted, Columbus 1

My name is Ernest Whitted and I’m running for the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee Ward 1. I am an honorably discharged U.S. Naval veteran who served from July 1990 to February 1994. I served in Operations Desert Storm, Desert Shield, Bosnia, Rwanda, and Somalia. I’ve worked with a long list of groups in the community for racial justice, police accountability, immigration, better city schools and affordable housing and will continue to work to improve the quality of life for ALL people right here in Columbus.

Sarah Legeza, Columbus 2

Sarah Legeza is running to represent her neighbors in German Village Ward 2 on the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee. An 8-year Columbus resident and OSU graduate, she’s seen firsthand the positive effects when communities come together to push for change. Sarah is passionate about housing justice and LGBTQ+ rights. She believes that we need bold new leadership in local government to prepare Columbus for the future.

When not volunteering or running for office, you can find Sarah at community theaters, doing woodworking, playing guitar, or dancing.

Cissy Watkins, Columbus 4

Hannah Ware, Columbus 5

Born and raised in Columbus, Hannah Ware is passionate about seeing our city grow in ways that benefit all residents – especially those living on the East Side!

Hannah believes that increased civic engagement is crucial for creating a more equitable Columbus. She is committed to magnifying the voices of our community in order to promote policies that make a real difference. She will advocate for a livable wage, affordable housing, and a stronger public education system.

Trevor Martin, Columbus 7

Trevor P. Martin is running to represent the historic Bronzeville neighborhood on the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee. Trevor was born and raised in Northwest Ohio and is a graduate of Kent State University with a Master’s in Public Policy.

As a community organizer, criminal justice reform advocate, affordable housing activist, and committed campaign finance reformer, Trevor will bring a community-centered, people-first focus to the Franklin County Democratic Party. An expectant father and active member of the community, Trevor will fight for better police accountability (including mandatory training in implicit bias and de-escalation), safe and reliable public transportation, equitable and affordable housing, and fully-funded quality public education.

Danielle Marie Howell, Columbus 8

Danielle Howell is a born-and-raised Ohioan who believes in transparency and having everyone’s voices heard.

As the representative for Ward 8, she will be focused on making sure the Franklin County Democratic Party is an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome and respected. She’s committed to supporting candidates who put the issues our community cares about first, like education, the environment, and housing.

Her other interests: Columbus coffee, exploring the city, and learning more about her neighbors.

Rachel Wenning, Columbus 11

My name is Rachel Wenning, and I am running for the Democratic Party Central Committee. I am a Hilltop resident and mother, who believes the Democratic Party should be for everyone. I am the current Ward 11 representative to the Central Committee. The Hilltop is a growing, diverse neighborhood, full of wonderful people that I love. It can thrive again, and I plan to help that happen. In addition to serving on the Central Committee, I an a member of the Greater Hilltop Area Commission. That’s why I understand my neighbors’ concerns about issues like the new trash cans, speeding cars, zoning changes, and our kids’ safety while walking to school. I enjoy listening to and helping my neighbors, and I ask for your vote so that I can continue serving you on the Central Committee. Please talk to me about what you love about our neighborhood!

Charles Irwin, Columbus 12

My name is Chase Irwin and I’m running to represent Weiland Park in the Franklin County Democratic Party Central Committee. For years I’ve been actively involved in fighting for equity and social justice for our neighborhoods, with a special focus on criminal justice and police reform. I’m running for Central Committee because our community deserves stronger representation from local government.

I work for Damascus, a nonprofit that helps formerly incarcerated people find careers. In my free time, I love volunteering at the Godman Guild Community Gardens.

Monique McCoy, Columbus 13

My name is Monique Williams McCoy. I am a mom, an educator, and I love Linden. I believe we all deserve access to healthy food and high-quality education. I want to be your voice on the Franklin County Democratic Party Central Committee.

I am a true sports fan with a special love of March Madness college basketball. My family likes to say, “I never meet a stranger.” Let’s work together to create POSITIVE CHANGE in Linden and Columbus!

Bryce Sampson, Columbus 14

Bryce Sampson has called Columbus home for 4 years. He loves a lot about our city, but knows that our residents deserve more. He’s ready to push for positive change, transparency and bring our neighborhood’s voices to the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee.

Bryce is committed to ending tax abatements for large companies, re-investing in our schools, helping small businesses thrive, creating a greener city and ensuring that elected officials at all levels are working every day to make life better for everyone.

When not engaged in local politics, Bryce loves the outdoors, live music, traveling and volunteering.

Marques Jones, Columbus 16

My name is Marques Paul Jones, I’m a University District resident, and I want to be a progressive voice for our community – specifically Ward 16.

As your representative on the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee, I will advocate for environmental justice, a living wage, and racial justice. My family has been an enormous blessing to me and I hope to give other families and future generations the same opportunity to succeed. OSU Graduate Class of 2017

Kevin O’Donnell, Columbus 18

Kevin O’Donnell moved to the Old North from Dayton in 2017 after graduating from Harvard. He joined the Ohio Student Association and organized students around education and criminal justice issues. Kevin is running for Democratic Party Central Committee to make it more accountable to communities that get left out of the political process and to encourage the leadership of other young people. He loves bringing people together for potlucks and conversations about issues facing our city.

Marla Davis, Columbus 19

I’m Marla Davis, your neighbor and Democratic candidate for Central Committee for Ward 19. I’m an occupational therapist and passionate about older adults. I’m also a mom to an energetic toddler. We love walks, the Como playground, and saying hello to folks at the local grocery store.

I’m running for Central Committee because I believe everyday people should be a part of local government. I believe in affordable neighborhoods, the right to equitable education, and that money doesn’t run our city – we do, the citizens.

Victoria Abou-Ghalioum, Columbus 20

I am running for Central Committee because I love being a part of the Clintonville and greater Columbus communities, but I feel that our voices are falling on deaf ears amongst those in power. With representation that does not reflect our values and goals, we can never be heard. It is my goal to represent the Columbus citizen who is tired of the same politics as usual which brings no change or social justice to the city. As ward representative, I will advocate for political reform on issues concerning infrastructure, public transit, environmental and social sustainability, and access to and equitable distribution of resources. I have a vision of the future in which the quality of life in Franklin County is greatly improved not just for the wealthy few, but for all.

Joseph Echt, Columbus 21

Joseph Echt moved to Columbus a decade ago to attend The Ohio State University. He quickly fell in love with our city and is proud to call Columbus home. He is committed to making sure that Columbus embraces values that represent all people within it, not just the privileged few. To do this, he plans to advocate to end tax abatements for large corporations and leverage those funds to create opportunities for those who need help the most.

Abby Vaile, Columbus 22

Abby Vaile, a lifelong resident of Ward 22, is running for Franklin County Democratic Central Committee. She’s a retired public school teacher and former candidate for Columbus City School Board. She volunteers for countless community events while raising her two nephews.

Neighbors repeatedly tell her they’re concerned that their voices are not being heard by local officials. On Central Committee Abby will be a passionate and proactive advocate for our community. She will promote transparency, accountability, and work to restore democracy to our local government.

Heather FitzGerald, Columbus 23

My name is Heather FitzGerald and I’m running to represent North Linden #Ward23 in Central Committee. As an active community member and former North Linden Area Commissioner, I am engaged and educated on the unique issues facing my neighbors. I will work hard to support affordable housing and to advance social justice issues within our community.

There are many changes coming our way, and we need strong leadership that will be adamant in ensuring North Linden receives the attention and funding we deserve.

Mark Allison, Columbus 24

My name is Mark Allison. I am your North Linden neighbor, running to represent our neighborhood on the Democratic Party Central Committee. In over 30 years I have never heard from my Party representative. Chances are you haven’t either. And that’s a problem; our party no longer represents us. I intend to speak up for North Linden and will work with local progressive activists to create the change we want and deserve.

Carol Whitmer, Columbus 25

Carol looks forward to representing the people of Ward 25. Except for serving in Peace Corps Ghana, Carol has lived in the Columbus area for 20 years. She hopes to bring a voice for her neighborhood to Central Committee on issues such as affordable housing and building a safer community for Linden residents. Carol enjoys watching OSU football games, volunteering at the local food pantry, and spending time with her family and dog Sandy.

Shelley Mann, Columbus 28

Shelley Mann landed in Columbus 21 years ago to attend Ohio State University, and now lives in Berwick with her husband and two daughters. She’s passionate about equal access to quality public education. Her goal in representing Ward 28 is to elect Columbus School Board members who are 100% invested in our schools and in making Columbus a city of opportunity for all, not just for some. In her free time she mentors middle schoolers at Berwick K-8 and organizes events around the city.

Eddie Hamilton, Columbus 29

For 13 years, Eddie has been a homeowner in the Reeb-Hosack Neighborhood on the South Side of Columbus.

As your Ward 29 representative, Eddie will bring the concerns of our diverse neighborhoods to the Franklin County Democratic Party. Eddie believes that the current candidate endorsement process should be more fair, transparent, and accountable to each of the neighborhoods within our ward.

Eddie currently works with the Reeb-Hosack Civic Association to help make his neighborhood a better place to live.

Laurel Hobden, Columbus 30

Laurel is a lifelong Democrat that has lived in Columbus 22 years. She wants to represent Ward 30 on the Democratic Central Committee. She believes in an inclusive and transparent Democratic party that supports the needs of everyday working folks. She will represent our community issues, bringing your voice to the Committee. Among her concerns for Ward 30 are sustainability, affordable housing, solid infrastructure, and supporting senior citizens. Laurel will also advocate for every child to get a good education so they are prepared to help our city meet the demands of our future.

David Jennings, Columbus 32

David Jennings has proudly called the Westside home for 14 years. David currently lives in beautiful Westgate, where he’s very active in the Westgate Neighbors Association. A US Army veteran, David cares about serving his community with integrity and accountability.

David is passionate about politics and wants to leave our small part of the world better than he found it. He’s running to represent Ward 32 as a neighborhood advocate because he wants to bring openness and honesty to local politics.

David believes that real change begins from the ground up, and that Westside residents deserve a seat at the table. David spends his free time gardening, exploring local coffee shops, and visiting parks with his husband and two dogs.

Evangeline Warren, Columbus 33

Evangeline (Eva) has had an interest in local politics since she first donated to a city candidate in middle school. Now a graduate student in sociology at Ohio State, and candidate for Ward 33’s Central Committee representative, Eva deeply values social equality and equity and works to eradicate injustice through activism, research, and engagement.

By prioritizing transparency in politics, advocacy for marginalized groups, and representation at the local level, Eva looks forward to championing the needs of this community.

When kicking back, Eva’s time is filled with good books, great food, and excellent friends.

Carrie Eickleberry, Columbus 38

Carrie has spent the last five years advocating for drug policy and criminal justice reform. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her partner of seven years and her Maltipoo, Butch. She also has a passion for gardening and a general love of the outdoors.

As a resident of the Hilltop for the past six years, Carrie has witnessed her neighborhood suffering from severe neglect. If elected to the central committee, she will commit to doing everything she can to prioritize solutions to these issues.

She will work to make sure the people of the Hilltop and Franklinton are heard when it comes to policies and programs that will affect our communities. We deserve a seat at the table.

Robert Jones, Columbus 39

Robert Jones was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He is passionate about sustainability, education, and spending city funds wisely.

As the current representative for Ward 39, he is committed to keeping Columbus clean through volunteer efforts and building green spaces throughout the city.

Outside of his work as the ward 39 representative, Robert is an experienced special education teacher who works at Bridgeway Academy. In his free time, he enjoys creating YouTube videos, playing piano, and the great outdoors.

Nic Joseph, Columbus 40

Nic Joseph lives in Ward 40 with their fiancé and their pet rat. They’re an OSU graduate, and have been living and working in Columbus for five years.

Nic wants the Franklin County Democratic Party to prioritize improving quality of life, from housing and food insecurity to police accountability. They’re working to increase political consciousness and participation among people in her ward.

They also hope to foster a sense of community, especially among students getting ready to decide about building a life in Columbus.

Raemona Cannon, Columbus 41

Raemona lives in the heart of Ohio State campus and one thing has become very apparent: The people at the top of the ladder of the democratic party are more concerned about the façade of diversity and inclusivity than actually helping low income residents who are facing eviction or have already been evicted from their homes.

She is concerned that more and more shiny new buildings are being built while elderly residents are digging through dumpsters to find aluminum cans to feed themselves. If elected to Central Committee, Raemona will strive to make sure that ward 41 for OSU campus is not only affordable for students but for the long time residents who live and work here. Raemona enjoys grabbing an iced coffee at Buckeye Donuts, and reading books on the Oval when the weather is nice.

Veronica Luttery, Columbus 42

Veronica has lived in North Linden for more than 15 years and is deeply involved in the community. Her children attend neighborhood public schools and she feels strongly that all our children deserve a high quality education and that our teachers should be fully supported.

She has volunteered at Feddersen Recreation Center, North Linden Elementary School, Clinton Middle School and Brookhaven High School.

Veronica will be a voice for the people in our community as North Linden grows and changes.

Alexandra Stein, Columbus 43

I’m running for Central Committee because I want to improve our neighborhood by supporting Democrats who will fight for equity and equality.

As a lifelong Ohio resident, a former pre-school teacher, and a single mother of two sons, I know we need local policies that support working class families. I’ve worked hard to get progressive Democrats elected in our city and county, and I look forward to continuing that work as your Committee representative.

Lauren Barnett, Columbus 47

Lauren is a write in candidate. Please include her name on your ballot.

Donald Dawson, Columbus 48

Donald wants to be your Ward 48 representative on the Franklin County Democratic Party’s Central Committee. He wants to be the change that he often speaks about.

Donald believes it is his duty to educate voters about the importance of local elections. He takes great pride and joy in helping his neighbors and staying connected with his community.

By running for Central Committee, Donald hopes to get his neighborhood more engaged in the local politics of Franklin County.

Erick Bellomy, Columbus 49

Erick is a write in candidate. Please include his name on your ballot.

Kashi Adhikari, Columbus 52

Kashi was born in Bhutan and lived in a refugee camp in Nepal for 20 years. He now lives in North Columbus and is running to represent Ward 52 on Central Committee as well as running for Ohio House District 22!

He values social and economic equality, prioritizes our kids’ education, and believes environmental justice really matters. He wants to use his voice to advocate for the marginalized. He aims to use his bold and progressive leadership to challenge the status quo.

Kashi loves community organizing, and believes democracy starts in our own neighborhoods.

Adrienne Hood, Columbus 54

Adrienne is a Columbus native, Columbus City Schools graduate, and Forest Park East resident since 2008. She is running to represent Ward 54 on the Franklin County Democratic Party!

Adrienne believes we all deserve to have powerful voices for our community’s safety and well-being. She wants to be a strong voice representing you and bringing transparency to the local party decisions that affect our lives.

Adrienne looks forward to your vote this primary and to continuing to build our seat at the table, together!

Pat Deering, Columbus 55

Anna Siriano, Columbus 57

Anna Siriano is a lifelong Central Ohioan who believes strong roots make strong communities. When she moved to the Greater Hilltop in 2016, she immediately got involved in neighborhood organizations. Going door-to-door, she noticed two consistent threads: the Hilltop is full of multi-generation families and lifelong Hilltoppers, and most people feel the City has left our neighborhood behind.

Anna is running for Central Committee in Ward 57 because the Hilltop and nearby areas are about to see big changes. She wants to make sure that our elected officials will support Hilltop families – whether through living wage jobs, affordable health coverage, or housing protections that allow neighbors to stay and see the Hilltop rise again.

In her free time, Anna loves to sing, play tennis at Holton Park, or bike the nearby trails to fuel herself to continue helping our neighborhood become the best it can be.

Micki B. Pike, Columbus 58

Micki B. Pike has been a West Side resident since 1989. A lifelong Democrat, Micki believes that local government should represent ALL The People. She’s running for office to bring more transparency to politics and to be a strong voice for the West Side. She wants to inspire neighbors to bring positive change to our neighborhood and the local Democratic Party. She welcomes your input at .

Micki is a community organizer with ComFest and a volunteer at Franklin Park Conservatory. She loves gardening, making art, and driving her art car around the city.

Leo Simpson, Columbus 59

Leo is a Northwest Columbus resident who wants to represent you and our community, Ward 59, in local politics. It is now time for a revolution that values itself on transparency and the people.

Leo will bring a new voice to the Franklin County Democratic Party that truly reflects Columbus Ward 59, its residents, and the problems we currently face.

Please feel free to message Leo on twitter (@leocurrently) about opportunities in local volunteering and organizing, as well as K-Pop.

Terra Goodnight, Columbus 60

Terra has lived in Columbus for 15 years and has been actively involved in neighborhood groups and her children’s public schools.

Terra is concerned about the impact of rapid development on our schools and infrastructure. She believes in good public transit, safe streets and quality of life in our community.

As your representative on Central Committee, Terra will fight to make the local Democratic Party more representative and responsive to the needs of residents.

Angela Romines-Smith, Columbus 64

Angela is a Northwest Columbus resident who teaches English at The Ohio State University while also caring for her two young sons.

As a special needs mom, teacher, and wife of a CCS special education teacher, she is committed to making sure public schools in Franklin County are well-funded and serving the needs of all kids.

Angela spends her time hiking with her family at Columbus Metro Parks, exploring the zoo, or running with MRTT. If escape rooms were an Olympic sport, she’d have a gold medal!

Mary L. Hawkins, Columbus 66

Born and raised in Central Ohio, I’m an experienced community activist and retired dietician. My passion is making the world a better place for all. Representing Ward 66 in the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee is one more way I can do that.

I’m currently working toward criminal justice reform, less stigmatized approaches to drug abuse, environmental justice and much more. Ask me about the many organizations I volunteer with and my vision for Columbus!

Constance Dunlap, Columbus 68

A long-time resident, Constance is concerned that the diversity of her community is not fully represented within the leadership of our local government.

Constance wants to be your voice. She is excited to listen to the needs, concerns, and celebrations of her neighbors. She will fight for transparency and for a broadening of the FCDP platform.

Are you tired of a party that takes your vote for granted? Me too. Vote for Constance, and we can push for change. TOGETHER.

Charles W. Lynd, Columbus 73

Charles “Chuck” Lynd is a resident of Blendon Estates who wants to represent you and our northeast Columbus area communities in local politics. He is an educator who has a deep commitment to the democratic process. As your Ward 73 central committee representative, Chuck will represent your concerns about education, budget priorities, and growth issues. Ask Chuck about his passion for locally owned businesses. He will listen, so voice your concerns about local issues any time.

Kerri Hoover, Columbus 76

Kerri is a write in candidate. Please include her name on your ballot.

Lynn Friedman, Columbus 77

Lynn has been a political volunteer for decades, passing out pamphlets, poll watching, and organizing tables.

She supports district representation, determined by district residents. Lynn has worked against “corporate personhood” and “money as free speech.”

Lynn’s great grandfather, William Larrabee, wrote: “It is the duty of the State… to make such just and beneficial laws as will temper inequality, mitigate poverty, protect the weak against the strong… laws have been sufficient to protect the dollars of corporations.” (The Railroad Question, p. 457-8)

Cathy Cowan Becker, Columbus 79

Cathy Cowan Becker is running for Franklin County Democratic Central Committee to represent her neighbors in Ward 79. She’s lived in southwest Columbus since 2006 and will be a strong voice for Pine Grove, Holt Park, Alkire Gate, Georgesville Square, and Bolton Field Airport.

Cathy leads a campaign asking cities in Ohio to commit to 100% clean energy, and serves on sustainability committees for both Columbus and Grove City. She wants to bring energy efficiency and renewable energy jobs while ensuring clean air and water for all.

Michelle Hendricks, Columbus 84

A 15-year resident of the Far East Side, Michelle is a working mother and a lifelong Democrat. She earned her MBA from Capital University, and she is the executive director of a charitable organization for children.

Michelle wants a more democratic, accountable, and diverse FCDP, offering opportunities for all Democrats to participate. She believes in stronger public schools, taxing corporations, ending gun violence, investing in renewable energy, and paying a living wage.

Michelle loves volunteering and driving her electric Chevy.

Terry Stephens, Columbus 86

As a U.S. Army veteran of 20+ years, Terry has an appreciation for diversity and inclusion. Terry is also a husband, a father of 6, and a beloved pastor. By prioritizing fairness and equality, Terry believes we have the potential for greatness. “Greatness is not measured only by what is accomplished, but also by the character, integrity, and methods by which those accomplishments are made.” Terry is a social justice warrior who is fighting for equality for all.

Amber James, Dublin 3

A Buckeye by marriage, Amber was raised in a steelworker’s family in Western Pennsylvania. She has lived in Central Ohio for almost 15 years.

Amber is a proud supporter of public education, and she wants to help transform our local politics to be more inclusive and accountable.

As an avid hiker and cyclist, Amber admits that most vacations involve wearing a helmet. She shares life with her husband Kevin, their labradors Ellie Mae and Fiona, and their cat Beans.

Christopher Feick, Franklin

Chris is running to represent Franklin Township in the Franklin County Democratic Party Central Committee. This is a group of individuals who make decisions for the local Democratic Party, like which candidates and which issues to endorse. Chris will be a strong voice for our neighborhood, working to make a positive impact all across Franklin County.

Shaniqua Stevens, Gahanna 3

Shaniqua Stevens moved to Gahanna after the condition of her apartment endangered the life of her newborn baby. Today, Shaniqua helps tenants join together so that no other parent has to endure what she lived through.

As a working class mother, Shaniqua understands the struggles of working class families. She wants to ensure that her neighbors have a voice in local politics. Shaniqua will fight to build a community that works for all people… not just the well connected.

Mary Mynatt, Grove City 2

Mary wants to earn your vote for Franklin County Democratic Central Committee in Ward 2. She wants to help make the party as transparent and inclusive as possible.

A life-long Democrat, Mary has lived in Grove City for more than 40 years, is a US Navy veteran and a graduate of The Ohio State University. She wants to listen to your concerns and is dedicated to engaging all residents in voting, staying active, and making our voices heard in this crucial election year!

In her spare time, Mary knits, exercises, plays with her dogs, and folds origami.

Alyssa Chenault, Grove City 4

Seven years ago, Alyssa bought her first home in Grove City, so that she could be closer to family. She believes elected officials should reflect the people they serve, yet no Democrat holds elected office here.

Alyssa will educate the Franklin County Democratic Party about the changing face of Grove City and advocate for resources to support more democrats to run and win. She believes Democratic leadership is necessary to improve affordable housing, transportation, and resident-informed growth locally.

Tim Johnson, Hilliard 2

Tim is a 30-year Hilliard resident, an Air Force Veteran and retired Law Enforcement.

As your Hilliard Ward 2 representative, Tim will focus on allowing your voice to be heard within the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee. He will emphasize accountability and transparency in our local politics.

For five years, Tim has worked closely with state legislators and state executive boards to strengthen bipartisan efforts. He knows that we must work together to make Central Ohio a safer, stronger, cleaner, and better community for all.

Anne Barrett, Hilliard 3

A native of Columbus, Anne graduated from The Ohio State University as well as Capital University Law School before moving to Hilliard eight years ago. Anne believes that politics, especially at the local level, should be inclusive and transparent. As your Ward 3 representative, she will fight for Central Committee endorsements that are based upon the values and needs of our neighborhood. As a mother of two, Anne will work to ensure that the needs of our schools are always prioritized.

Katie Vatke, New Albany

As a lifelong resident of New Albany, Katie attends The Ohio State University. She envisions a more equitable and progressive Central Ohio, where all residents are able to thrive. Katie plans to contribute toward the achievement of that vision.

Katie will bring a youthful perspective to the conversations within the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee. Her voice will help drive the progress that is needed for a more sustainable future within a county that must be willing to change and evolve.

Heidi Detty, Pleasant

Heidi Detty has been a member of the Franklin County Democratic Central Committee since 2016, representing her neighbors in Pleasant Township. She supports a living wage, universal healthcare, affordable education, sustainable energy, and healthy food policy.

Heidi advocates for sustainable healthy development in our community while protecting our beautiful local natural resources. She is a trained paralegal, experience that helps her determine how legislation might affect our local community.

Heidi is married and has a daughter. She enjoys spending time outdoors while organically growing her family’s food. She also cares for many animals, including chickens, goats, horses, dogs, and cats.

David Donofrio, Prairie

David Donofrio has proudly served as Prairie Township’s Democratic Central Committeeman since 2016. He takes civic engagement seriously, serving on the SWCSD Board of Education and participating in many other community groups.

On the Central Committee, he is a voice for Prairie Township, and is willing to stand up and speak out for the candidates and issues that truly represent progress. He also founded Galloway Area Dems and is working to build up Southwest Progressive Democrats, so that progressives have a collaborative voice in local issues.

David and his husband Ryan enjoy spending time with their family and pets. They love to be helpful wherever they can, from helping start the Prairie Harvest Festival to being involved in their local residents association and block watch. And David is always down to meet with neighbors, in a formal meeting or even just watching a Buckeye game – feel free to reach out!

Andrej Rotter, Upper Arlington 3

Andrej is an Upper Arlington resident and retired professor who is seeking to represent the UA Ward 3 community in local democratic politics. Andrej was born in Mao’s China and grew up in communist Czechoslovakia before becoming a political refugee in England.

Due to his experiences he values a truly democratic, transparent political system that is responsive to all. He aims to make the Franklin County Democratic Party more inclusive and responsive to grassroots concerns about healthcare, education, housing, transportation and infrastructure.

Ed Forman, Upper Arlington 4

“That you can’t fight city hall is a rumor spread by city hall!” I spotted those words as a law student and took them to heart. Today my law practice represents underdogs fighting against bureaucracy. We’ve learned not only can you fight city hall, you can win. It’s time to fight city hall together. We don’t need tax breaks for developers, but jobs with living wages so everyone can afford safe, clean housing. We need better public transportation. We need better access to health care. Let’s fight to win.

Douglas Garrison, Westerville 1

Doug Garrison is a lifelong progressive Democrat and labor activist who lives in Westerville with his wife and two children. He is committed to bringing transparency, inclusivity, and accountability to local politics.

Doug is a professional brewer and former academic who is always available to talk history, science, and politics – or your favorite beers! Whether it’s advocating for infrastructure funding, public education, or affordable housing, Doug will be a strong voice for our community and ensure our neighbors’ needs are effectively addressed.

Lillian Harden, Whitehall 1

Lillian is a resident of Whitehall and a retired military veteran with 25 years of service.

Lillian is an advocate for fair and equitable local governance that is also inclusive and transparent. She will be a voice for all residents, working toward safe, secure, and affordable housing in healthy neighborhoods.

Lillian volunteers with programs that address children’s literacy and homelessness. She looks forward to your vote, as we work together to build a stronger community.

Maria Ramirez, Worthington 2

Maria Ramirez is a long time Worthington resident, a Columbus native, and a lifelong Democrat. Additionally, she is a trained architect and urban planner with community development experience. Maria aspires to build a strong democracy that is inclusive, responsive, and accountable to local communities. She will work to reduce the influence of big money in politics. Maria is a wife and mother of two. She is passionate about health care, protecting our environment, and fighting for the dignity and rights of all people.