FCDP Chair

#RepYourBlock2020 endorses Ms. Debera Diggs for Executive Committee Chair of Franklin County Democratic Party.

Ms. Diggs is a pillar in the community and within the Central Committee. In this critical election year, we need someone who can mobilize a diverse group of democratic voters to register and vote come November. Ms. Diggs has a proven track record of registering and getting out the vote of our most disenfranchised voters. She will continue the momentum of flipping seats in Franklin Co by supporting candidates who work toward a more inclusive, fair, and opportunity-rich future. 

Ms. Diggs is committed to establishing committees within the central committee to make it more transparent, accountable, and engaged with the community. She will also review our endorsement process to ensure its serving our voters best. 

Now is the time to break down the structures that prevent voices from being heard. A vote for Debera Diggs is a vote for tried and true progress. 

Hear from Ms. Diggs about why she is running in her video here:

Tell your Central Committee member to vote Debera Diggs for FCDP Executive Committee Chair

  1. Find your ward
    To find your ward, look up your voter information on the Ohio Secretary of State website. It will be labeled “Precinct” on your Voter Profile Page.
  2. Find your member of Central Committee
    Central Committee members are listed by ward on the Franklin County Democratic Party website (pdf document).
  3. Contact your member of Central Committee
    Unfortunately the FCDP does not list phone numbers or email addresses for Central Committee members. We hope to change that soon! Meanwhile, you may be able to find your member of Central Committee by searching for them on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. That’s the best way we know of for now to contact them.